Find Staff

Finding The Best Teachers, When You Want Them, And Where You Want Them.

Reduce Your Stress

You understand the frustration of trying to find substitute teachers to cover faculty absences whether it’s for a one-day, short-term, or long-term assignment. Sometimes with little or no advance notice, you’re faced with the challenge of locating substitute teachers, ensuring that they meet all state requirements, and verifying that they’ve passed FBI fingerprint and background checks. At Midwest Guest Teachers, we handle all of the details and bring you the best teachers, where you want them when you need them. It couldn’t be easier.

Pre-School, Elementary, Middle & High School Programs Available

At MidWest Guest Teachers, we handle all the stress, struggle, and strain of hiring the best teachers for pre-school, elementary, middle, and high school programs. Our web-based system streamlines the process and takes the burden completely off your in-house resources. Through our parent company, MidWest Management Group, we already work closely with charter schools across the region handling payroll, employee services, and benefits management, so we are tuned into your unique needs and expectations.
 We can find the best candidates, qualify them, screen them and bring them to your school faster and easier than individual staff efforts; and we can save you time, effort, and money.

Our Unique Arrangement Allows You to 'Try Before You Buy.'

When it comes to hiring full-time faculty members, the pressure is compounded. Not only do you have to confirm their degrees, state certifications, and endorsements, but you know all too well the consequences of making a bad choice. It can wreak havoc on your program, your staff’s morale, and, most importantly, your students. Now, with our try, before you buy the program, you can “audition” new teachers for your school through MidWest Substitute Staffing and observe them interacting with students, managing the classroom, and presenting material before you make a final commitment. Running a school that offers a successful learning environment is your job. Recruiting, qualifying, and delivering the best substitute and direct-hire teachers—that’s our job!